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Concrete Products
in Greensburg, PA

At American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., We Care About Quality

Quality still matters. Some manufacturers haphazardly rush through their work, take shortcuts, and make shoddy products that do not work well for their customers. That is not — and will never be — the case at American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., in Greensburg, PA. Since 1947, we have manufactured high-quality, dependable precast and custom concrete products. Cisterns, septic tanks, utility vaults, catch basins, grease traps, and drain troughs, whatever a customer needs, we do the job — and we do it right. 

For reliable precast concrete products and custom builds, contact American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., today. Call us at (724) 837-4410 or (724) 834-7870, or email us at [email protected]. We care about quality. We care about our customers. We care about you.

We Construct Reliable Cisterns and Septic Tanks

Our team at American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., manufactures high-quality cisterns and septic tanks that our customers can always trust. Our team has the skill and experience to construct whatever our customers need, and we care about and take pride in our work, making sure it is of the highest quality. Wherever they are throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania, people can depend on our cisterns and septic tanks.

You Can Also Trust Our Catch Basins and Utility Vaults

Catch basins and utility vaults also serve a vital purpose, so when a customer needs one for residential, commercial, or industrial use, they want a product that they can rely on, something that performs and lasts for decades. When you need a dependable, durable catch basin or a utility vault in Pittsburgh, PA; Greensburg, PA; or Washington, PA, turn to American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc. We have built a legacy on quality, value, hard work, dedication, and customer service. And we strive to uphold that with every catch basin and utility vault we build.

Quality Work on All Types of Precast Concrete Products

American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., truly is a company that cares about our customers. Our team wants to meet each and every need they have, and they want to give them high-quality work every time. We are hands-on with all of our precast concrete products and custom builds. We also pride ourselves on our personal connections with our customers, and we frequently communicate with them to understand their exact needs and specifications. No detail escapes our team’s attention. Along with our reliable cisterns, septic tanks, catch basins, and utility vaults, we also build excellent, long-lasting grease traps, drain troughs, wingwalls, curb stops, custom slabs and lids, and many other precast products. In Greensburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Washington, PA, and all around Southwestern Pennsylvania, you can rely on American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc.