Utility Vaults
In Greensburg, PA

American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., Believes in Quality Work

When customers in Southwestern Pennsylvania need a well-built, reliable concrete commercial meter or utility vault, they choose the quality that comes with a precast concrete product from American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., in Greensburg, PA. We also custom-build utility vaults to match exact specifications and needs. Quality and value still matter to us, and we are hands-on with every utility vault we produce. We are also in frequent contact with every customer, and we pay sharp attention to even the smallest detail. American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., has served Greensburg, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, PA; and the surrounding areas since 1947, and we are eager to serve you, too.

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What Exactly is a Utility Vault?

Just as its name indicates, a commercial meter or utility vault houses and protects utilities, including water meters, fire line water meters, backflow preventers, valves for natural gas pipes, and much more. It also keeps these utilities from being eyesores, underground and out of sight. A well-built concrete utility vault will protect the pipes, valves, and meters very well, so look for high-quality production in a precast concrete product.

Excellence is the Standard with Our Concrete Utility Vaults

When people think “high-quality,” they think about the quality that comes from American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc. Our precast concrete products and custom-built utility vaults are top-notch. That comes from our team’s dedication to always giving our customers the best, no matter what. We communicate one-on-one with our client to fully understand exactly what they need, and we have the experience and the expertise to build it. Whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial use, you can depend on a concrete utility vault from American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc.

All Sorts of Great Precast Concrete Products

We build much more than just commercial meter vaults and utility vaults, though. American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., manufactures all types of excellent, durable precast concrete products. If a customer needs anything custom-built, we have the skill for that, too. Whatever the need — cisterns and septic tanks, catch basins, grease traps, drain troughs, wingwalls, curb stops, and custom slabs and lids — American Tank & Concrete Services, Inc., can do the job.